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How Much You Know The Advantages Of TC Vape Tanks ?

Using a TC (temperature control) device offers many advantages to vaporizer owners, including:

No More "Dry" Hits:

Any vaporizer owner is likely familiar with this sensation. It occurs when e-liquid runs low or runs out and any hit on the device is a dry scratchy sensation. A dry hit is very unpleasant and many users note that when it happens, you won't soon forget it. With a TC device, dry hits are reduced due to power being reduced as the now dry vaporizer heats up. Instead of a dry hit the result is simply a very weak one.
Increased Safety:
Being able to control a vaporizer's temperature makes it a far safer device. Vaping is still a young industry and keeping temperatures controlled limits users' exposure to too much heat and any potential harm this may cause. With a TC device, the amount of heat used is exactly what is needed without any overheating.

Increased Wick and Coil Life:
One of the reasons a dry hit tastes so bad is that the cotton wick itself is being burnt. Overheating damages both the wick and coil, reducing their overall product lifespans. With temperatures kept in the correct range, both of these components are only exposed to temperatures within the range they are designed to operate within.

Increased Battery Life:
When using a TC, it only uses as much energy as it needs at any given time. Because of this, there is no wasted energy when the vaporizer is being used resulting in a longer battery life. It is estimated that the charge on a TC vaporizer lasts 1.5 times as long as a traditional vaporizer.

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