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How Much You Know About Laughter ?

Laughter is weird - and we do it a lot. One study found that people laugh seven times for every 10 minutes of conversation.
We don't do it when we think we do. It's been found that if you ask people what makes them laugh they'll talk about jokes and humour, but we laugh most frequently when we are with other people - and hardly ever at jokes.

It's a social emotion and we use it to make and maintain social bonds.

We also make very strange noises when we laugh - from wheezes and squeaks to gasps and snorts - and each sound simply reflects the muscles in the chest squeezing out air from our ribcages under very high pressures.

Laughter is also a very primitive way of making a sound.

Laughter is a non-verbal emotional expression and these sounds, which we typically make when in the grip of quite strong emotions, are more like animal calls than they are like our normal speech.

Layghter is so amazing ,you have no idea about why that happens some times.

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