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About The 3-Post "T" Deck

Following in the footsteps of the 3-post deck came an advancement in rebuildable atomizer technology and design. The 3-post deck was designed well, but users had to use a single positive terminal hole when running a dual coil setup. This made installing 2 coils difficult, which forced manufacturers to come out with a solution -- the 3-post3 post "T" rba deck "T" deck. This deck type became popular with rebuildable atomizers like the Mutation X V4, still offering 3 terminal posts, but the middle positive post had a block at the top with 2 holes. This advancement didn't change much as far as deck space, nor did it change the complexity of the coils that you were able to install, but it did making installing the coils much easier for the user, thus resulting in a better experience. To this day, even new rebuildable atomizers such as the Wismec Indestructible RDA uses the same overall design, yet offers slight changes to not only allow for more deck space, but also gives you more options in tightening your leads, as well as allowing larger and more complex coils to be installed.

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